DaBaby’s Alleged Assault Victim Is Threatening a Lawsuit

Miami Police Department

The concert promoter that got beat up by DaBaby and his crew is now threatening to sue the rapper if he doesn’t make amends for the incident.

Kenneth Carey, the alleged victim, is claiming that he suffered facial injuries–and he wants the North Carolina rapper to pay up.

DaBaby Arrested for Battery After Being Shortchanged

DaBaby, aka Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, met up with Kenneth in Miami to get paid for a gig, but he realized that the promoter was trying to shortchange him by several thousand dollars.

Supposedly Kenneth only handed DaBaby $20,000, but DaBaby says he was owed $30,000.

That’s when “things just went out of control,” according to an inside source. DaBaby and his crew allegedly beat up the promoter and robbed him of a credit card and $80 as restitution. Apparently, DaBaby doused him in apple juice, too.

DaBaby ended up spending 48 hours in jail after being arrested and charged with battery for the incident. However, it’s being reported that the battery charge was dismissed. Even so, he’s still facing allegations that he assaulted and robbed the promoter.

Kenneth is claiming that he suffered injuries to his face from the incident, and he’s pretty unhappy about getting robbed of his $80.

The promoter has reportedly lawyered up; his legal team, The Lions’ Den, Attorneys at Law, have reached out to DaBaby on Kenneth’s behalf “in hopes of settling this matter expeditiously.”

Lawsuit on the Horizon

Kenneth and his legal team are threatening to sue if the rapper doesn’t respond to their request of a settlement, and they’re giving him until the end of next week before they file papers to seek damages.

So far, DaBaby hasn’t responded to their requests. At least not directly.

Instead, the rapper wrote in an Instagram post: “Don’t allow yourself to be [misled] by janky promoters and lazy ass grown men itching for the opportunity to file a lawsuit that they wont win.”

“I remain composed and focused knowing allegations made without honesty and integrity will never be honored by the most high,” he added. “Please be reminded that suck a** situations like these aren’t worthy of your time or attention.”

Sounds like DaBaby isn’t worried about Kenneth’s legal threats.