Celebrities in Legal Battles – Do They Always Win?

It seems as if celebrities are always engulfed in some legal matter… but are they coming out victorious?

Rihanna and Accountants

Rihanna had to file bankruptcy at one point due to the negligence of her accountant- not one of them but 2.

When she sued her former accountants it was on separate occasions blaming their bad bookkeeping and them stealing from her as one of the reasons.

Although the singer and makeup creator is worth millions, her legal issues took precedent and forced her to go to court.

Ja Rule

The rapper recently overcame some serious legal matters. There was a $100 million dollar class-action suit that was filed by Fyre Festival attendees.

The Fyre Festival was to be one of the most talked-about festivals, however, it never took place. Ja Rule co-founded the festival but due to its lack of security, housing, and food, the festival fell through, leaving thousands of people left with nowhere to stay and wanting their money back.