Celebrities Fighting Silent Health Battles

Celebrities are people just like anyone else. At times people can forget that they have their own health concerns and conditions.

Unfortunately, more and more celebrities are fighting silent battles,  however, these celebrities are the ones fighting back.

Nick Jonas

This 1/3rd of the Jonas Brothers band has been known to belt out some amazing hits, while also suffering from serious health conditions. Nick Jonas was diagnosed in 2005 with type 1 diabetes at just 13 years old.

He has since joined an organization called “Beyond Type 1”,  finding ways to raise funds to assist people living with type 1.

Lady Gaga

Outside of giving you her poker face, Lady Gaga has suffered from fibromyalgia.

The pop star was diagnosed back in 2017 and wants her audience and fans to be more considerate of her chronic pain.

Fibromyalgia affects the body from the inside out, targeting muscles and causing memory loss and fatigue. This disease, unfortunately, has no cure.