Celebrities Being Hacked – The New Norm

“Swipey no swipey,¨ is what many celebrities have said on more than occasion.

When a celebrity is hacked, who exactly do they blame, themselves, their cloud storage or their fans. After their hacked the questions are endless and so is the finger blaming.

Paris Hilton

The hotel heiress and reality star has been hacked more than once. At one point, hackers were successful in getting into her cloud storage and social media accounts by guessing her password.

Her passwords have since been changed, however, they were all the same and named after her dog, Tinkerbell, who is coincidentally famous on her own.

Ashely Greene

The American actress and model was hacked back in 2009 and personal pictures were released out into the world.

Not only did the hackers get into her cloud storage and personal information, but they also posted false links on social media which left people open to cyber attacks.