Celebrities and Rehab – Does It Work?

In the entertainment business, going to rehab has become a right of passage. There have been numerous celebrities who have gone to rehab for drugs, alcohol or any other addiction they couldn’t kick.

Does it always work?

Matthew Perry

Your favorite Friend has gone to rehab for his alcohol and drug addiction. He has stated that while filming Friend’s, due to his addictions, there are 3 years of being on set that are now just a blur.

His time in rehab and fighting his alcohol addiction helped him launch his own rehab facility at one point.

The facility lasted roughly 3 years and took place in one of his homes. He has stated that he would like to help as many people as he can that deals with his past addictions.

Drew Barrymore

Barrymore might be one of the youngest actors to be checked into rehab for her alcohol and smoke addiction.

Just shy of her 13th birthday she was forced into rehab to fight her addiction. Barrymore now is grateful for her time in rehab because it has turned her into a great mother and voices it regularly.