‘Akon City’ to Be Built in Africa Soon


What has Akon been up to since the days of “Smack That” and “I Wanna Love You” dominating the radio? Apparently, he’s been planning to build a sustainable city in his hometown of Senegal, Africa.


Akon, who was born Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam, was actually born in St. Louis, MO, but he spent a significant amount of his childhood with his family in Senegal, which he describes as his home.

Akon has been absent from the music scene for quite some time as he drew up plans to build a city in his name. The city will be sustainable and use a form of cryptocurrency called “Akoin.”

Akon City

Akon posted a photo on Instagram announcing the official plan for Akon City. He has a deal with Senegal’s SAPCO tourism company that includes a 10-year building plan.

Akon did an interview with Nick Cannon last December in which he revealed more details about Akon City. He said, “We started construction in March and stage two is going to be 2025.”

Akon City will be built on the seaside village of Mbodiene.

A Sustainable Tourist Destination

Akon wants not only to better the lives of the people living in Senegal, but to make an environmentally-friendly tourist destination that generates money for the nation while being good to the earth.

“If you can have a billion dollars sitting in the bank while you have all these people suffering, it’s crazy to me,” he told Nick Cannon. “It’s like a waste of a billion dollars.”

Will Akon Run for President?

It’s quite possible. Akon said that he almost ran for president in 2020!

“I got this close to running for President in 2020, but then I thought about it and said, ‘Well, if I run now I would never be able to do music again freely.’ Before I say goodbye to music, I’ve just got to come back into the game and have as much fun as I possibly can and get it out.”

Wow. So not only can we expect a literal city in his name, but we can expect more bangers from the “Lonely” singer before he potentially becomes the next president of the United States.

The man can do it all!