Selena Gomez Embarrassed by Old Music

Selena Gomez is saying “the chapter is closed and done” on sexually-charged content in her music.

Selena Gomez in a black and white dress

Today Selena released her third solo studio album, “Rare,” which she says has been four years in the making. The album’s lead single “Lose You to Love Me,” an empowering break-up ballad about Justin Bieber, quickly became Gomez’s first number-one single in the United States.

It’s been four years since Selena’s last album, “Revival,” that contained a lot of bops, but also a lot of overt sexuality. Selena is 27 years old now, and apparently, she is ready to move on from the sexually explicit tones of her older records.

Selena Embarrassed by Old Music Video

Selena told KIIS FM’s JoJo Wright that at her recent album release party, she was surprised when someone played her music video for “Hands to Myself,” a hit off of 2015’s “Revival.” The video tells the story of an obsessive woman (Selena) hiding in a handsome man’s luxurious apartment.

Gomez disrobes in the first 35 seconds of the video, revealing black lingerie that matches her smokey eyes. She wears handcuffs, parades around the closet playing with the man’s clothes, dances sexually to herself in the mirror, and caresses her body while laying in the man’s bed.

Headshot of Selena Gomez

She then takes to the couch and giddily plays a clip on the TV of the man slowly walking out of pool, dripping wet.

Selena said that while watching the video she was humiliated, which was only made worse by her half-sister, Gracie, being at the event. Gracie is six years old.

“I told my sister I will not be doing videos like that anymore,” Selena told Wright according to MTV. “It’s not really necessary, in my opinion.”

Moving on With New Music

If the rest of the album’s visuals are as PG as the videos for lead singles “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now,” then the focus will most certainly be on Gomez’s words, not her body.

She’s moved on from her ex-love Justin Bieber, she’s pushing forward in her struggles with mental health, and she’s taking note of how the way she portrays herself has a powerful impression on young girls like Gracie.

Our little Disney princess is really growing up!