‘American Horror Story’ Actor Harry Hains Dead at 27


Actor and musician Harry Hains has passed away at 27 following his struggles with mental illness and substance abuse.

As an actor, Harry was known for his roles in The Surface (2015), American Horror Story (2011), and The OA (2016).

Harry Hains with a landscape in the background

Harry’s Death Announced by His Mother

The news was confirmed by the actor’s mother, Jane Badler, who posted about her son’s death on her Instagram account, saying that Harry died on January 7.

“He was 27 and had the world at his feet,” Jane wrote on her Instagram post on Thursday. And although she did not give any details about the actual cause of her son’s death, she added, “But sadly he struggled with mental illness and addiction,” implying that the actor’s substance abuse and mental health issues may have played a role.

Jane also gave details about Harry’s memorial service in Los Angeles, which will be held this weekend. She wrote, “if you are in LA and know harry there is a service for him at Hollywood Forever Sunday jan 12 at 3 pm.”

Just a week ago, Harry had posted a photo of himself and a friend at a New Year’s Eve party, saying, “The NEW ERA has already begun” and also added, “SO MUCH LOVE & GRATITUDE FOR ALL IN MY LIFE.”

Harry’s Visions of an Evolved Society

Hains originally started as a pre-med student in Australia, but eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue modeling and acting. His venture into acting is not surprising, since his mother, Jane, is an actress. She was most known for starring in the NBC series V from the 1980s, though she was also on the soap opera One Life to Live for many years.

He was also a musician who performed under the name ANTIBOY.

“ANTIBOY is this character that I’ve created that is a gender fluid robot from the future, stuck in a virtual reality world that has been malfunctioning,” Harry said of his stage persona during an interview with Boys by Girls.

“I created ANTIBOY because it represents this future world that I foresee, not only where I think we are going with technology — fusing with AI and life extension — but also as a place where we’ve come to realize the complete deconstruction of labels.”