Which Fashion Trends Should We Expect in 2020?

Stegmann Clogs

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to look forward to new fashion trends. Are you ready to keep up with the newest looks? Today, we’re turning to some fashion leaders to get their take on what’s going to be in for 2020. First, let’s hear from Boston-based trendsetter Andrew Oman, of Mr. Sid, and get his take on 2020’s fashions.

Stegmann Clogs worn by a model
Stegmann Clogs

Andrew Omar’s Predictions

Our business has been family owned for 52 years, and we carry some of the world’s best brands, including Zegna, Isaia, Brioni, and Edward Green, just to name a few. Spring ’20 is an exciting season in menswear. We are launching our own fully designed line of custom clothing for men and women, and taking the core message of our designer store wide.

This message, and what I believe to be the trend throughout fashion for the year, is two-fold: comfort and sustainability.

My inspiration was the Red Regatta exhibit at the Venice Biennale. It was not only visually stunning, but also spoke to humanity’s ability to fight climate change. I’ve curated a collection from a variety of vendors with a mind to ethical sourcing, quality clothing that won’t clog up landfills, and looks and fabrics with performance and comfort features.

I’ve achieved this with lots of knit wear as first layers (t-shirts and linen blend sweaters under a soft jacket instead of a traditional woven shirt and structured blazer), amazing running style sneakers, and athletic inspired pops of color such as red over tan and navy, and lavender over gray and blue.

We are smarter and stronger than ever, and we can make a difference and exercise our beliefs in 2020 by voting with our wallets!

Megan Wilson’s Predictions

Next, we’ll get Megan Wilson’s take on 2020’s upcoming fashion trends. She’s the creative director over at Sweet Talk Strategy. Here’s what she has to say about the upcoming year in fashion!

Limited edition streetwear and eco-conscious clothing are both going to be rising trends in 2020. Overall, it nods to a return to a slower approach to fashion. You’ll see prices rise a bit on items and consumers being more selective. Like the slow food movement, consumers want to be more in touch with their clothing, where its materials are sourced, and the stories behind the designs. They want to be able to tell a story about what they wear. Outside of my own writing, I represent two brands I feel represent these movements:

One Trick Pony Apparel. The limited release streetwear band is led by an internationally famous tattoo artist Jesse Smith. He collaborates with other artists around the world on pieces that are limited releases à la the Hype Beast movement. Think Supreme and Sean Wotherspoon. Jesse has been featured in art, culture and tattoo magazines all over the world.

Stegmann Clogs. Stegmann has been crafting wool shoes since 1888. Most Americans are familiar with the iconic Original 108 wool clog. It’s the backbone of the Stegmann brand and has been a customer favorite since the 80s. Like the styles that came after it, including the new EcoWool line, each wool style is handmade in Stegmann’s workshop in Austria. It’s quite possibly one of the most sustainable shoes ever made. The EcoWool clog has been recently featured in Forbes, Vogue, Lonely Planet and more.