Amanda Bynes’ Face Tattoo Is Causing a Commotion


Just a few weeks after reportedly leaving her sober-living facility and appearing at court over conservatorship issues with her parents, Amanda Bynes, 33, is back in action.


The actress of “The Amanda Show” fame (in addition to cinematic hits like Big Fat Liar, What a Girl Wants, Hairspray, Sydney White, She’s the Man, and Easy A) posted a selfie on Instagram on Monday in which she appears to be rocking a new face tat.

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Amanda’s New Tattoo

Here’s what we know:

  • Shape? A heart. Right? Probably.
  • Location? Left cheek.
  • Does Amanda have other tattoos? Yes.
  • Are we shocked? I mean, have you seen Post Malone’s face? It’s a little unexpected coming from Bynes, but yes, it is not that far-fetched for young stars to have face tattoos these days.
  • Is it real? It looks real, but it hasn’t been fully confirmed just yet.

Why Did Amanda Get a Face Tattoo?

We’ve all had that feeling that we need a “new look” to usher in a change in our spirit and soul.

Sometimes that new look rocks, and sometimes you’re in middle school and you cut your own bangs and you regret everything.

Life after that is mostly a series of you changing your look for the wrong and right reasons until you find what works.

As an Aries, Amanda is a fire sign. This means sometimes she makes bold decisions and likes to take risks. So I say let Amanda rock her face tattoo! We should lift her up, not tear her down.

Is Amanda Still OK?

Honestly, Amanda seems to be doing fine. She’s been bravely open about her struggles with mental health and drug addiction, and it’s not a shock that after leaving her sober-living facility, she’s going through some changes in her personal life that beget a change in her looks.

Amanda’s attorney, Tamar Arminak, told E! News in April, “Amanda is doing great, working on herself, and taking some well-deserved time off to focus on her well-being after graduating FIDM [Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising] in December.”

“She’s spending time reading and exercising, sketching for her new line and mostly making sure this time around she puts her needs first.”

Whatever you think about the tattoo, we’re just glad Amanda is feeling confident and cute enough to throw up a selfie on the ‘gram. More Amanda, please!