Y’all, there is something wrong this year. We’ve had all sorts of wacky, questionable celebrity news over the past 12 months, seen major relationships fall apart, strange couplings, but this… this takes the cake.

kanye west and wife kim kardashian at a red carpet event

Kanye West just dropped his new album, “Jesus Is Born.” That’s right, Kanye West promised us an album and then released it when he promised. The album he released before this, “Jesus Is King,” did great, but experienced many delays.

And I’m not even convinced that “Yandhi” ever really existed, or if it was just some half-put-together fever dream Kanye tried to make work.

We’ve got all the deets on this new album, which by all accounts went from promise to delivery in approximately two months. A record for literally any artist, but basically a Christmas miracle coming from Kanye.

Kanye Promised This Album to Rolling Stone

Not the Rolling Stones, the band, but the magazine. In an interview just a few months ago, Kanye promised that he was already working on “Jesus Is Born,” and predicted we would see it drop on Christmas day.

This is the same interview where West told the magazine that he was the “greatest human artist of all time.” The interviewer commented later that the craziest take-away was that Kanye thought he could produce and release an album in that period of time.

Yes, Kanye called himself the “greatest human artist of all time” across any artistic platform, and the side-eye he got was directed toward the album release date.

What Is ‘Jesus Is Born,’ and Is It Good?

Here’s the real reason (probably) that Kanye was able to squeeze this album out so quickly – while it’s got his name and his signature branding, it isn’t actually his album. I mean, it is in the way that he produced and handled it.

But Kanye doesn’t drop a single word on it as far as we can tell.

Instead, “Jesus Is Born” is full of music from his Sunday Service choir, the group that follows him across the US every Sunday and performs at various locations. His choir also does the backing for his operas (seriously, if you haven’t read about them, it’s wild) and had some backing parts in “Jesus Is King.”

The album has received mixed reviews, though in fairness, it’s only been out for about 24 hours. While some people are upset Ye isn’t making an appearance, others are quick to point out that the choir’s vocals were some of the best parts of “Jesus Is King,” so this album makes sense.

The internet has… mixed thoughts about this album as a whole, as many were expecting Kanye to actually be more involved. But for what the music is – very traditional gospel and choir – it’s absolutely solid.

It’s available on all major streaming platforms if you’ve got some time to kill and you want to check it out.

I’m disappointed it’s not an hour and a half of Ye ranting like a crazy person with some beats thrown in every few tracks, but you know. We don’t always get what we want for Christmas.