Demi Lovato’s Ex-Boyfriend Inspired Her New Tattoo


Demi Lovato just got some fresh ink to celebrate her own personal growth, only days after her split from boyfriend Austin Wilson.

The singer spent her Christmas Eve with celebrity tattoo artist Alessandro Capozzi in his private studio in downtown Los Angeles. According to reports, he started her tattoo around noon, and finished at about 8 pm that evening.

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Tattoo Artist Reveals Demi’s New Piece on Instagram

After the piece was completed, Alessandro revealed the finished image on his personal Instagram account, and detailed the inspiration behind the imagery that he and Demi worked on together.


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The tattoo is of an angel being held up by three birds as her own wings fade away, supposedly representing the rebirth of the spirit. He titled the piece “Divine Feminine Destruction Effect XVIII.”

According to the caption, Alessandro says that he and Demi worked together to create the piece “to represent a rebirth of the spirit.” The fresh ink sits on Demi’s back, just below her neck.

Alessandro explains, “The dark wings represent the bad times, their fading away is how she moved forward,” and also adds, “The light from within represents the inner strength necessary for the change and the doves, pulling her up, symbolize the reach of a higher state of consciousness.”

The tattoo artist also included a photo of himself creating the tattoo while Demi sits patiently with her eyes closed.

“Congratulations on your inspiring journey Demi, honored to have represented this for you,” Alessandro said.

Demi’s Inspiring Tattoo Comes Right After Breakup

The new tattoo came only days after the singer and her boyfriend, fashion model Austin Wilson, split up.

Demi and Austin just went public with their romance in November, when Demi posted a photo of the pair together on her Instagram. Austin also posted a photo of himself giving Demi a hug from behind, with the caption, “My Love.” The couple even visited Disneyland together on December 14.

But now, both have apparently already deleted photos of each other on Instagram. An inside source claims that Demi is “concentrating on herself and her work right now, as well as focusing on her relationship with God.”

Of course, 2019 was a big year for Demi. Following her overdose last year, Demi celebrated one year of sobriety over the summer. And, she recently found herself in hot water following a trip to Israel to get baptized in the Jordan River.