Cody Simpson Caught With Playboy Model, Miley Responds

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Are Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson splitting up?

miley cyrus cody simpson getting coffee together
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The breakup rumors are swirling after Cody was spotted hanging out with model Jordy Murray in New York City, with Miley nowhere to be found.

Cody Hangs in NYC With a Playboy Playmate

The 22-year-old Australian heartthrob was seen walking around NYC on Saturday with Playboy’s December 2019 Playmate, Jordy Murray. And while they weren’t spotted doing anything physical, girlfriend Miley Cyrus was nowhere to be seen.

cody simpson hangs out with jordy murray in NYC
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Meanwhile, Miley was on social media talking about being “lonely” and sharing a link to her 2015 holiday ballad, “Sad Christmas Song.”

She shared a recording of the song on Instagram, saying, “A sad Christmas song I wrote a few years back right before the holidays,” and added, “Was feeling like sh*t cause I couldn’t be with the one I loved. Even with a house full of family and friends I still felt alone. In ways that still feels relevant.”

However, the 27-year-old pop star put a positive spin on the post, continuing with, “Someone reading this right now could possibly relate! If you feel lonely this season just know YOU ARE COMPLETELY MADE OF MAGIC! You are a special as a snowflake, beautifully unique and I hope inside your soul feels light, hope, peace, and joy knowing how singularly amazing YOU are!”

She finished her message with a heartfelt “Love always wins!”

What seems like a sincere Christmas post on its own takes on a different meaning in light of Cody’s NYC stroll with a Playboy Playmate, though.

Miley and Cody Faced Breakup Rumors Last Month

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the rumor mill has been busy with breakup rumors for this couple. These two were the target of breakup rumors last month after fans noticed a short break in social media posts about one another.

However, those rumors were soon squashed when Miley posted a series of videos of her and Cody performing together with dad Billy Ray Cyrus. They did a couple of songs together at the annual Happy Hippie Foundation and My Friend’s Place organization holiday party.