Kate Gosselin Slapped With Fees After Putting Kids in Reality Show


Kate Gosselin has been found in contempt of court after her minor children appeared on her TLC show without the proper permits.

Kate’s ex-husband and former reality show co-star, Jon Gosselin, took legal action against the mother of eight after TLC aired a special episode of Kate Plus 8 that, despite not having the proper legal paperwork, featured the couple’s four minor children: Alexis, Aaden, Leah, and Joel.

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Kate Gosselin Ordered to Pay Ex-Husband After Going Against Court Order

Now, Kate has been found in contempt of court, and has been ordered to pay her ex-husband $1,500 in legal fees for going against a court order. She was given less than two weeks to fork over the cash, but reportedly, she has already paid up.

That court order has been in place since May 14th, 2019. According to the original order, Kate was only allowed to film the children if she or the TV company provided Jon with a filming schedule. However, it was proved that this never happened.

Despite the court order, the network filmed the episode at the family’s home in Pennsylvania, and on location in North Carolina.

It was also discovered that the Department of Labor denied filming permits for the children in 2018. A judge also ruled that it was not in the Gosselin children’s best interest to allow them to be filmed for the show.

Kate Has to Follow Strict Court Rules to Film Children for Her Shows

Jon says that he has no problem with his ex-wife filming “Kate Plus 8 or Kate Plus Date, or whatever she wants,” but he hopes that “this order now puts her on notice that she has to do everything by the book.”

“She has to go to court to get a court order to get my written consent first,” Jon said. “Then she has to give me every single piece of information before they film.”

Jon used to co-star with then-wife Kate on Jon and Kate Plus 8, but he eventually decided to walk away from the camera crews as he was worried about the well-being of his kids. He says, “I really just want to get my kids off the television, period.”

He doesn’t know if the difficulties will prevent Kate and TLC from filming more episodes, but he does point out, “If she films the kids without permission again, she will go to jail.”