Is True Love Dead? Jessie J and Channing Tatum Split After a Year of Bliss

Instagram | Jessie J

Is there no such thing as true love? Are we all doomed to just stumble around life, losing a little more hope with every celebrity break up and divorce? The latest casualty of 2019 comes in the form of British singer Jessie J and Magic Mike hunk Channing Tatum.

Tatum has been going through a public and sometimes messy divorce from his wife of nine years, Jenna Dewan. But legal troubles for Tatum aside, he and Jessie J (real name Jessica Ellen Cornish) seemed super-solid.

jessie j and channing tatum posing for a picture
Instagram | Jessie J

Not so much anymore, it seems.

How Long Have the Two Been Together?

Tatum was rumored to be dating Jessie J not long after he and Dewan split, which certainly raised some eyebrows at first. Jessie J is a notoriously private public figure, so no one was quite sure when the romance really started.

In October of last year, we got official confirmation from a source close to Jessie J that it was “very new,” but exciting. That same month, Tatum and Dewan officially filed for divorce.

By November Jessie J and Tatum were posting about each other on social media, but it was very low key. Tatum attended a concert by Jessie and shared how inspired he was, and Jessie saw the opening of Magic Mike Live in London and shared her excitement.

There were rumors this year that the two may be getting engaged soon, but Tatum wasn’t even legally divorced yet.

In September, Jessie released a new song ‘Simply In Love,’ which most people believe is about Tatum. That’s rough, considering the couple split not so long after its public debut.

Their last official public image share was October of this year, but earlier this month Jessie tagged Tatum in a comment, so we’re not sure when they finally called it quits.

Why the Two Lovers Broke Up

The “official” word from sources close to the couple say it simply didn’t work out. Tatum has a daughter with his ex, Dewan, and the two have been going through some serious custody battles as of late.

This means that Tatum is spending a lot of time in LA where he lives and does most of his work. This would be fine… but Jessie is from the UK and apparently prefers to spend her off time in London, not stateside.

That sort of distance can be a strain on any relationship.

In addition, it was clear that despite their Instagram posts and comments, Jessie was uncomfortable with how intense the public eye was on her while dating Tatum.

During an interview about “The Voice Kids,” she was asked about her relationship with Tatum. She cut the interviewer off incredibly bluntly and said that the question had nothing to do with the show, so they should move the conversation back to that.

Harsh, but fair.

Apparently the couple didn’t have a messy breakup at all. It seems they both just wanted different things, and remain friends. I’m… not sure I could remain friends with an ex that looked like Tatum, but more power to Jessie.