Adam Driver Storms Out of NPR Interview for This Reason


Adam Driver is kind of a big deal right now. He’s part of two major movies this holiday season – the new “Star Wars” flick which hits theaters on December 20, and Netflix’s highly anticipated “Marriage Story.”

According to a statement released by NPR, Driver stormed out of their NYC offices in the middle of an interview with Terry Gross.

Is Adam Driver getting too big for his britches? Did all that “Star Wars” money go to his head? Or did NPR and Terry Gross make a serious misstep here?

adam driver wearing a dark suit standing against a white background

The Facts: What Really Happened With Adam Driver

Adam Driver is on his PR tour right now promoting his movies – which should both be really excellent – and his latest stop was at the New York NPR record studio. Driver had an interview set up with Gross, who was in the Philadelphia main office.

Apparently Gross played a 20-second clip from “Marriage Story,” which is pretty standard when you’re promoting a film. When Gross went to speak to Driver, she was told that the actor left the recording studio.

In fact, Driver walked out of the building completely and abandoned the interview.

Adam Driver Hates Seeing Himself Act

In his defense, Driver has said previously that he hates listening to his work played back for him. He said that he felt nauseous at the opening of the previous “Star Wars” film he starred in, and in his interview with Gross in 2015, Driver chose to take his headphones off during the movie clip.

This is pretty common, though. Many actors feel uncomfortable seeing or listening to themselves on the big screen, and choose to avoid it when possible. And NPR clearly knew this, because he had said so in 2015.

The issue?

Gross told Driver to take off his headphones so he didn’t have to hear the clip. She also offered to let an engineer signal when he could put them back on.

Maybe Adam Driver Is Stressed Out?

Here’s my theory: Adam Driver is stressed out, he’s doing crazy interviews for “Star Wars” and is part of two of the biggest movies this season. He’s overworked, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

Listening to his voice playback (when NPR knew he hates that) was the final straw, so to speak, and he couldn’t handle it anymore. It’s not that he’s a diva, per se, though it’s diva-like behavior. I think we should feel bad for Driver, not mock him.

Well, not mock him much.

“The Rise of Skywalker” opens this weekend at US box offices, and we have to wonder how he manages to sit through more openings if he can’t handle 20 seconds of optional listening.

He hasn’t spoken yet about walking out of the interview, but I’m sure we can expect a spokesman’s canned comment in the next few days.

For what it’s worth? I get it. I don’t like to listen to my voicemail, either. But c’mon, man. Interviews like this are part of being a famous actor. If it’s not Driver’s cup of tea, I’m sure he could go back to his earlier jobs in the Marines and construction.