Diddy’s 50th Birthday Bash: Jay-Z Defends Beyonce’s Honor, Kanye and Jay Reunite, and More


Diddy might not be as big of a name in the rap business as he used to be, but he’s no slouch – and his 50th birthday party, held over the weekend, proves that to any of his haters.

Everyone who is anyone was there, including some people that are arguably not anyone yet. Queen Bey and Jay Z made a rare public appearance, dressed to impress, Kanye rolled in to preach (maybe? We’re not really sure what Kanye does with his off time), and even the Jenners got all fancy.

diddy dressed in a white suit with a black bow tie, looking unimpressed at the camera

Keep reading to discover just what the rest of us missed by not getting our own invite.

The Party Was at Diddy’s LA Mansion

Diddy’s 50th was held at his LA mansion and was actually rescheduled three times before it finally happened this weekend. Why? Diddy, real name Sean Combs, apparently wanted to pay respect to his late partner Kim Porter, whose birthday was December 15.

Diddy and Kim hadn’t been together since 2007, but it’s clear there are still feelings involved.

The invite to this uber-exclusive party apparently came in the form of a voice message, recorded by Naomi Campbell. No copy of it has been leaked as of now, but we’re told that she says “You’re invited to Diddy’s 50… only comes with dancing shoes and good vibes.”


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The party started with Ciroc cocktails by the pool and continued on into a tent where Mary J Blige performed for over an hour. Diddy’s son and Usher both toasted to the man, and DJ Cassidy closed it out with a several hours-long set.

Apparently, Ciroc helped fund at least some of this bash, as some media outlets are crediting the party as being “presented by Ciroc Vodka.” Good on Diddy – have someone else lay out cash for the party of the year.

Jay-Z Defends Beyoncé’s Honor in This Stunning Way

Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, is also 50, and showed up looking good with his wife Beyoncé, 38. We all know this superstar couple, who have been together forever and make a formidable pair that are worth an astronomical amount of money together.


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According to reports, at one point during the night Beyoncé was dancing with Kelly Rowland, former Destiny’s Child mate, when Jay-Z caught sight of someone filming the duo.

Jay-Z apparently ripped the phone from the dude’s hand and deleted the video, though we sadly don’t know what words were exchanged. Whether Jay didn’t want the video of his wife, who is famously pretty private, out in the world for another reason, we’re not sure. But Jay did not take that lightly.

Is the Kanye/Jay-Z Feud Finally Over?

Of the famous people invited, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West rolled into the party looking great. If reports are true, they both greeted and warmly hugged Beyoncé and Jay, the other ‘power couple’ of the evening.

This is only remarkable because of the falling out the couples had several years ago. They went from a powerhouse group to falling apart in such a short span of time, it made most of our heads spin.

As far as we can tell, this is the first time they’ve been together and interacted in this way since that falling out. Look at Diddy, mending bridges and throwing a rager.

Awkward Reunions Ignored

Despite those two couples bringing things together, the party wasn’t without its awkward attendees. At a party this size, it’s expected you’ll find a few of these.

Apparently, Kim’s ex (and some would argue the reason she’s famous in the first place) Ray-J was at the bash. As far as we can tell from reports, the two ignored each other most of the night.

Kylie Jenner was there along with her long-time ex Tyga. The two were reported to maybe be reigniting something a few months ago, but that has died out because they didn’t even speak most of the night.

Literally, Everyone Was There, Which We Know Because of Vanity Fair

We’re lucky that Diddy didn’t hide this event, which featured some big names, because it easily could have been just a rumor and a series of grainy paparazzi shots.

Instead, Diddy invited Vanity Fair to snap some photos of the event, and we’re given some stunning pictures of the night because of it. Bey might have been the best dressed, with a sleeveless, black, form-fitting number that had a slit up to her waist.

Kim Kardashian-West may have come in second with her signature skin-tight dress over a corset. The Jenners looked pretty spiffy, too.


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date night

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Other famous attendees included Fergie, Cardi B and her husband, Offset, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Post Malone, Mama Kris, Kevin Hart, Pharrell Williams, Ellen Pompeo (that’s a random one, right?), The Weeknd, Jaden Smith, Janelle Monáe, Dr. Dre, and even Kobe Bryant.