‘The Office’ Releases Full Threat Level Midnight Film, Prepare Yourself


Michael Scarn. Goldenface. The unnamed president. The incompetent robot butler who is in no way based on Dwight, despite the mysterious misspelling in the script.

It’s all here for you, y’all, because the crew from The Office have finally released Michael Scott’s movie in its full glory.

Prepare yourself for 25 minutes of hot, intense Michael Scarn action as he works against the clock to save the hostages, the hockey stadium, and take down his arch-nemesis who killed his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

threat level midnight opening screen from NBC

When Was Threat Level Midnight First Released?

If you don’t have the glory that is The Office memorized as I do, that’s okay – I’ll try to not hold it against you too much.

Threat Level Midnight debuted in Season 7 of The Office, episode 17. It was the show’s 143rd episode in total, and it was written by B.J. Novak, who played Ryan the temp, Kelly’s on-again, off-again boyfriend.

In it, the film that Michael Scott began producing long ago is complete. Jim admits that he only acted in it to impress Pam, who was just a receptionist at the time and dating Roy. Dwight was eager to help Michael in any way he could, and the rest of the crew went along with it just to see what would happen.

The film is finally screened years after initial filming happened, and the whole office sits in the break room to watch it. We as the audience only see select segments of this masterpiece.

Now, it is released for your full viewing pleasure.

Why Now? Why Are We Graced with Threat Level Midnight Now?

It’s unclear why The Office, which originally aired on NBC, waited so long to release Threat Level Midnight to the public. The original episode aired in February of 2011, so it’s been almost 9 years since we caught our first glimpse of Michael Scarn in the flesh.

Billie Eilish samples this exact episode from the cult classic show for her song “My Strange Addiction,” where the bartender (played by Andy Bernard) is talking to Michael Scarn about his troubles.

We’re not complaining, though – I am all about unreleased content from The Office seeing the light of day. It might not be as great as a full-on reboot, but when you combine this with the podcast from Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, called “Office Ladies,” it’s almost like we’re really there.