Gabrielle Union Talks Self-Love Amid ‘America’s Got Talent’ Controversy


Gabrielle Union is “unapologetically” staying true to herself, amid the controversy surrounding her departure from America’s Got Talent.

The actress and her appearance have been a hot topic lately, but Gabrielle has a message: she’s not going to stop being her true self, and she’s not going to tolerate “anti-blackness.”

gabrielle union

Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough’s Departure From America’s Got Talent

After serving as judges for only one season on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, both Gabrielle and Julianne Hough were not asked to renew their contracts. When the news broke in late November, it seemed innocent enough. But since then, details surrounding their departure have revealed some concerning behind-the-scenes events.

According to inside sources, there were incidents involving racial and gender discrimination, which both Gabrielle and Julianne did not take lightly.

During one incident, Jay Leno made a racially insensitive joke while visiting the show as a guest judge. Gabrielle brought the issue to the attention of producers, though her concern was ultimately ignored. While it was specifically raised with an NBC executive on set, the situation was never escalated to human resources at NBC.

In a published report from Variety, it was also revealed that Gabrielle and Julianne were given “excessive notes” about their physical appearance. But it was Gabrielle who received very specific criticism concerning her appearance.

Gabrielle Was Repeatedly Criticized for “Black” Hairstyles

She was consistently told that her various hairstyles were “too black” for America’s Got Talent audiences. And according to inside sources, she was given this note at least half a dozen times.

Gabrielle isn’t afraid to be herself, and she stands by her choice to wear hairstyles regardless of how “black” they are.

On Instagram, the actress shared a video highlighting her various hairstyles, saying, “Unapologetically me.” But, she also had a powerful message for others: “Be comfortable and confident with your whole a** self. It might give others the fluuuxxx but never stop being you. You can shine on your own terms.”

“And if you got something to say,” she continued, “I don’t take notes rooted in anti-blackness. I love me as I am.”