Jason Momoa Reams Chris Pratt in Public over Water Bottle Shot


Chris Pratt might be a tall drink of cool water, but Jason Momoa is having none of it right now. Commenting on a promotional photo that Pratt shared on his Instagram, he expressed both anger and disappointment in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star for using something thousands of us use every day: a single-use water bottle.

Momoa took to social media after many expressed anger at his attack and apologized, but man, we do not want to see this Game of Thrones alum mad.

jason momoa on the left wearing a vest and v neck tank top, chris pratt on the right wearing a grey suit and tie

The Post That Pratt Shared

Two days ago Chris Pratt shared a photo of himself at the gym, looking all ripped and sweaty in a tank top and shorts, drinking from a plastic disposable water bottle. The post wasn’t just to promote his sweet bod, which has seen serious improvement since his “Parks and Recreation” days.

It was actually an ad for Amazon, and he says he is “excited” to announce that he’s teaming up with the online retailer to show “everything” he uses for his workouts, hoping to get everyone prepped for their 2020 New Year’s resolutions.

It’s not the ad that had Momoa upset, or the fact that Pratt is getting money from Amazon when they’re under fire for the whole paying taxes thing, but it’s the water bottle that got him heated.

Momoa Speaks Out About Pratt’s Plastic Usage

The post was only a few hours old when Momoa spotted it on his feed and called Pratt out. “bro i luv u but wtf on the water bottle. no single use plastic. come on.” He posted. You can feel his frustration through the screen.

People noticed, too – within hours, the comment exploded. It is currently sitting at over 54,000 likes and well over 1k comments, which are varied. Some Pratt fans are upset that Momoa is calling him out, while others are celebrating adults holding each other accountable.

Momoa is famously passionate about environmentalism, though, so it’s no surprise he spoke out – he even shaved his signature beard to star in a promo for recyclable aluminum cans as an alternative to water bottles earlier this year, which was the first time he had shaved since 2012.

Momoa Apologizes on Insta for His Words

Clearly feeling the pressure, Momoa ended up caving and apologizing for his tone on Pratt’s post.

Sharing a picture of him with Pratt, along with Momoa’s two kids Lola and Nakoa-Wolf (seriously), he said that he and his family were “in love” with Pratt and he meant no harm with his statement, he is just “very passionate” about “the single use plastic epidemic”.

Is it going to be enough for Pratt fans who deeply love the Marvel superhero? Or are we going to see another major celebrity fan feud?

Who knows, but at least Momoa is standing up for a good cause and using his fame – and obscenely handsome face – for some good.