Sia Pays Several Strangers’ Bills at Walmart

Sia Music Chile

Sia was feeling generous over the Thanksgiving holiday when she performed an extraordinary act of kindness without her face-obscuring wig or a giant bow.

Sia Music Chile

The Australian “Chandelier” singer visited a Walmart in Palm Springs, CA, and told shoppers that her name was CiCi. She claimed that she had won the lottery and wanted to take care of everybody that day.

Sia Pays the Bills

For those unaware of why the 43-year-old Sia only performs hits like “Elastic Heart” and “Cheap Thrills” with her face hidden and back turned–and never makes an appearance in her own music videos–it’s because she values her privacy.

Sia was just ranked the #4 most-streamed female artist of the decade, so it’s amazing she’s able to stay so lowkey. But it still didn’t take long for a superfan to realize that this Thanksgiving miracle was no CiCi. It was Sia.

When other shoppers caught on, fans began lining up to take pictures and videos. And while you might expect a superstar who goes to such great lengths to hide her face would be overwhelmed, Sia glows with joy in every photo.

How Much Money Did Sia Spend?

The wholesome moment happened too quickly for savvy reporters to make their way to the Walmart and figure out just how altruistic the elusive Sia really is. So, we’ll provide a little guesstimate.

The average shopper tends to spend around $55 per visit to Walmart. Let’s add a little to that, because Thanksgiving means splurging on a few extra decorations, desserts, and bottles of wine. Let’s call it $70.

Based on the photo and video evidence from the scene, Sia paid for at least 10 individual bills, and there were likely more. It’s also been reported that she did the same thing at a nearby TJ Maxx. If she paid for about 40 shoppers’ bills in total, that’s around $3,000 dropped!

It’s estimated that Sia is worth about $25 million, so she’s obviously got money to blow. But what’s most beautiful about this story is that she made her giving so personal. She chose to speak directly to the people she was helping and to enjoy the moment by their side.

The effect was palpable, even viewed through brief Instagram and Twitter videos. The scene is full of joy and delight as Sia darts between registers, inserting the chipped side of her card into the readers with the grace and agility of a jungle cat.

Lucky shoppers who experienced the moment took to the internet to tell us about it.