Check Out Sam Hunt’s Smug Mug After DUI Arrest


It sounds like country star Sam Hunt was “Drinkin’ Too Much,” because he got popped for driving drunk in Nashville early Thursday morning.

Sam Hunt Performing on stage in Nashville Tennessee

The four-time Grammy nominee was taken into custody after Nashville officers found the star extremely inebriated and in possession of open containers while behind the wheel of his vehicle, as confirmed by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

Sam Hunt Booked into Detention Facility, Out on Bond

Hunt was booked into the Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility at around 6 a.m., but he was released a little after 9 a.m. on a $2,500 bond, according to court records.

He’s looking awfully smug in his mugshot, don’t you think?

country star sam hunt's dui mugshot
Metro Nashville Police Department

Officers responded to a call about a vehicle that was going the wrong way down Ellington Parkway in Nashville, near Ben Allen Road. When they arrived, police found Hunt, who had exited at Cleveland Street and continued towards Gallatin Avenue, swerving in and out of the lane.

Once they stopped the 34-year-old singer, they noticed that he had “red bloodshot and watery eyes” and reeked of “an obvious odor consistent with alcoholic beverage.” Police also noticed that there were two empty beer cans next to him in the vehicle.

When asked for his driver’s license, the singer struggled to comply. With his license visibly sitting on his lap, Hunt tried to hand officers his credit card and his passport instead. Hunt admitted to drinking “recently,” but I’m willing to bet that the officers already knew that.

Hunt Failed Field Sobriety Tests, Blood Alcohol Level Well Over the Limit

It’s no surprise, then, that the singer showed “numerous signs of impairment on all tests conducted” when he attempted the standard field sobriety tests, which he allegedly agreed to. This was recorded on the officer’s dash camera.

Hunt also consented to a breathalyzer test, which according to the arrest warrant showed that his blood alcohol content level was .173 at the time he was operating the vehicle. The legal limit in Tennessee is .08.

Luckily, Hunt was not involved in any accidents before police stopped him. However, even though the country singer won’t be needing an auto accident attorney, he should probably start calling some DUI lawyers to join him in court on January 17th, when he is due back.

The country singer is known for hits such as the charming “Body Like a Back Road” and lively good-time anthem “House Party.” But perhaps his hit “Drinkin’ Too Much” has become a little too autobiographical for the star?