Taylor Swift Unleashed Her Diehard Fan Base on Big Machine Records


The dramatic feud between Taylor Swift and her ex-label Big Machine Label Group is like the gift that keeps on giving.

taylor swift in concert

In case you’ve been living under a rock with no internet service, Taylor Swift has been in the middle of a giant feud with her old record label concerning her older music. The pop star posted a lengthy message on her Twitter claiming that Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun over at Big Machine were basically holding her old songs hostage.

Swift Accuses Big Machine of Blocking Her AMAs Performance

T-Swift was planning on performing a medley of her past hits at the American Music Awards this month, but she told fans that Borchetta and Braun banned her from doing so. She also claimed that they wouldn’t license those songs for her Netflix documentary.

Of course, Big Machine fired back with a statement saying that they didn’t care if she performed her hits, and that Tay-Tay was just playing victim. They also said that she owes them “millions of dollars and multiple assets,” but that’s a whole other argument altogether.

At the end of her lengthy Twitter post, T-Swift went so far as to encourage her fans to “let Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun know how you feel about this.” But what’s the big deal?

T-Swift Unleashed Fans on Big Machine Employees

Well, she basically unleashed her rabid fanbase on the company, who started doxxing Big Machine employees. And not just Borchetta and Braun, but other employees, who had nothing to do with the feud.

Big Machine’s headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee were forced to shut down early the other day, thanks to some “direct and hostile death threats” that Swift’s fanbase were making to employees at Big Machine.

To make things even worse, Tay-Tay has remained silent over it.

Sure, when Big Machine was making statements about her playing victim or how she owes them money, she sicced her spokesperson on them within hours. But when her fans are making death threats, she doesn’t say a word?

Girl, that’s a bad look.

T-Swift Given the Go-Ahead to Perform Songs, But Will She?

Anyway, Big Machine released another statement following the death threats from all the crazy “Swifties” stating that an agreement had been reached, and Taylor was allowed to perform whatever she wants at the AMAs.

After all of this, I’ll be interested to see if Taylor actually does perform her medley of hits at the AMAs. Supposedly, she hasn’t been seen rehearsing at all. If she was planning to perform her old songs like she told her fans, don’t you think she should have been putting in the rehearsal time?