Robert Kennedy Jr. Arrested Friday Protesting Climate Change


Robert Kennedy Jr., son of Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of President John F. Kennedy, was arrested this past Friday for participating in the sixth installment of Jane Fonda’s “Fire Drill Fridays.”

robert kennedy jr.

Jane Fonda continues to keep her word, leading protests against climate change on the steps of Capitol Hill. The weekly protests are starting to draw some famous faces who don’t seem to mind getting arrested in the name of the environment.

Fierce Advocate for Climate Change Awareness

This past week, protesters were joined by 65-year-old Robert Kennedy Jr. The environmental attorney was photographed being placed into zip-tie handcuffs by police. He remained calm while being escorted out of the Russell U.S. Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill and placed into the back of a police van.

It wouldn’t take a psychic reader to predict that Robert Kennedy Jr. would join the protesters. He has long been an avid environmentalist, serving as an environmental attorney and has spent over thirty years teaching Environmental Law as an adjunct professor at Pace University in New York.

He is also an author of Horsemen of the Apocalypse: The Men Who Are Destroying Life on Earth and What it Means For Our Children, a book about the climate change emergency.

Kennedy was not the only high-profile face joining Jane Fonda’s protest this week.

Other Famous Faces Who Joined Protests This Week

CSI star Marg Helgenberger, 60, and Grace and Frankie actresses June Diane Raphael, 39, and Brooklyn Decker, 32, were also in attendance, calling for action on a Green New Deal and demanding an end to taxpayer subsidies for oil companies.

Both Marg Helgenberger and June Diane Raphael were arrested alongside Kennedy. Brooklyn Decker looked on from a balcony alongside Jane Fonda and steered clear from arrest.

Jane Fonda arrested for second time this month at the U.S. Capitol.

This is the second week that Jane Fonda has avoided handcuffs after racking up four previous arrests. Jane has an open court date, and she risks getting stuck behind bars for 30 to 90 days if she gets another arrest under her belt.

The protest planners decided that it was more important for Jane to remain the face of the weekly protests on Capitol Hill and begged her to avoid a fifth arrest.

As soon as the group of protesters sat and chanted in the rotunda of the Capitol, Jane moved to a balcony where she could avoid handcuffs. That’s when the police moved in and warned the demonstrators that they were about to be rounded up.