Surprise Bathroom Baby Shocks Unknowingly Pregnant Model


Sometimes, a gossip story comes along that’s so bizarre we just have to share it with you. Today, we learned that Australian model Erin Langmaid gave birth to a baby in a bathroom.

And the 23-year-old says she had no idea she was even pregnant!

Australian model Erin Langmaid

“I Wasn’t Showing”

Most models have to be pretty concerned with how to get white teeth or perfectly toned abs. You’d think that, given how aware Erin has to be of her body while modeling, she’d have noticed that something was different over the last nine months.

“I wasn’t showing obviously because I fit into everything,” she told reporters. “It’s just really bizarre.”

Erin claims that she and her long-term boyfriend, Daniel Carty (31), were very careful. She routinely took contraceptive injections, so any irregularities in her cycle or hormones were probably written off as side effects.

Cryptic Pregnancy Not as Rare as You Think

According to Erin’s doctors, she underwent what’s known as a “stealth” or “cryptic” pregnancy. Essentially, she was able to carry her baby daughter to term without showing any signs of being pregnant at all!

News Medical reports that an astounding 1 in every 475 women who become pregnant won’t realize it until they are around 20 weeks along. It’s much rarer for a woman to not realize that she’s having a baby until the moment of birth, but it does happen.

In Erin’s case, she didn’t realize that anything was going on until she felt ill and rushed to the bathroom late last month. A few minutes later, baby Isla arrived in what Erin described as a “dramatic” fashion. The baby weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces.

Baby Wasn’t Breathing

The strange event almost turned to tragedy. The baby wasn’t breathing, and it was thanks to Daniel’s quick thinking that she survived. Still reeling from the shock of suddenly becoming a father, he called emergency services, who walked him through the process of resuscitating the baby.

Mom and baby recovered at a nearby hospital, and everyone seems to be doing fine. In fact, Erin shared a photo on Instagram of the new family in their hospital room.

Erin Langmaid and boyfriend Daniel Carty with their baby daughter in a hospital room

She captioned the photo with this sweet message: “The hardest week of our lives, you are my rock. And now you are Isla’s. 2 years with you [heart emoji].”

The couple seems to be doing well, all things considered. Although Erin describes it as “The biggest shock of my life,” she seems to be adjusting well to motherhood.

“Everyone rallied together and got everything organised for us while we were hospital. Now we’re learning how to be parents,” Erin told Aussie morning show Sunrise.