Kodak Black Sentenced to 46 Months in Federal Prison

Rolling Stone

South Florida rapper Kodak Black has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison on federal weapons charges.

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Rolling Stone

“Young People Do Stupid Things”

U.S. District Court Judge Federico Moreno sentenced the 23-year-old rapper for lying about his record while buying (or trying to buy) six pistols on two separate occasions from a firearms store in Hialeah, Florida. One of the pistols in question was later found at the scene of a shooting earlier in the year.

The federal judge also took the time to berate the rapper, who’s real name is Bill Kapri, for having such a lengthy criminal record.

“Young people do stupid things,” Judge Moreno said, “But the problem is that you’ve been doing stupid things since you were 15.”

Kodak Black did accept responsibility for his actions: “I’m sorry for the action that led me for where I’m standing,” he told the judge, “I do take full responsibility for my mishap.”

The rapper sat in the courtroom dressed in a khaki inmate’s uniform, as he has been in custody at the federal detention center in Miami since his arrest last May. Rapper Fat Joe spent four months in the same detention center for tax evasion, but he’s hopefully hired the best tax attorneys since his release in 2014.

Prison Fight That Sent an Officer to the Hospital

Before his sentence was handed down, prosecutors brought up that Kodak Black had been involved in an alarming prison fight while at the detention center.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce Brown called it “disruptive behavior,” telling the courtroom that the rapper was “involved in a fight on October 29th with another inmate,” which a corrections officer stopped by stepping in and macing both parties.

According to witnesses, Kodak Black was visibly under the influence of an unknown substance and assaulted the intervening officer. He beat the officer so badly that the man ended up in the hospital with a hernia.

Kodak Black’s lawyers disputed the facts about the prison scuffle, claiming that the whole thing was a setup in which he was drugged and tricked into the incident by a gang member. Supposedly, someone slipped something into the rapper’s cup of coffee that he was drinking prior to the fight.

Ultimately, Judge Moreno decided that the prison fight wouldn’t be factored into the sentence, but he did make his decision based on the fact that one of Kodak Black’s guns was found at the scene of a shooting that occurred in Pompano last March.