Drake Booed at Music Festival as Fans Feel Betrayed


The “Going Bad” rapper is usually a crowd hit, but his latest set at Tyler, the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw music festival in Los Angeles ended up going very, very bad.

Audiences were waiting for a special guest that many falsely assumed to be singer Frank Ocean.

drake standing on the red carpet wearing a grey suit jacket and black shirt

Boos at Camp Flog Gnaw

When Drake took the stage, he was immediately met by a wave of boos from the disappointed crowd. He attempted to make the best of the situation, though, and tried to get the audience to come around.

“They told me to come out and maybe do, like, two or three songs for y’all tonight, but I’mma ask your permission,” he said. “Because I know this is your festival, I’mma ask your permission if I can stay up here and turn up with you for a little longer tonight.

“If you want me to keep going, I will keep going tonight,” Drake said to the booing audience. “Alright, it’s been love,” the Canadian artist said before exiting the stage.

The crowd then cheered and began to chant, “We want Frank,” but they would be further disappointed to learn that Mr. Ocean would not be performing.

Drake vs. Frank Ocean

Drake made it through nine awkward songs before cutting the set 20 minutes short, demonstrating an admirable amount of perseverance. He even told the crowd, “Make some noise for yourself,” after realizing they would not cheer for him.

Many staunch Drake defenders have accused the Camp Flog Gnaw crowd of essentially throwing a tantrum after not getting their way.

Celebrities on Drake

Fellow artists and entertainment journalists alike flocked to Twitter to show Drake some love.

Singer Kehlani wrote of Drake Monday morning, “a goat gon be a goat regardless.”

Reporter Sylvia Obell tweeted, “I’m still in disbelief that these kids had the audacity to boo Drake like he hasn’t given them a solid 10 years of hits. Who raised yall?”

Gerrick D. Kennedy wrote, “The disrespect is astounding. One major downside of current festival culture is the hype around surprise guests.

“Fans disappointed their wildest dreams didn’t come true. Fest graded not by its curation but by FOMO-inducing viral moments.”

Fans at Camp Flog Gnaw had no solid proof that Frank Ocean would be Tyler, the Creator’s choice, but offering fans the possibility that their favorite artist might perform sells tickets.

Some fans claim that it still seemed like there was a chance Ocean might perform after Drake. However, after nine songs in a row, it didn’t take a psychic reader to know that Drake was the only surprise of the evening.

As a possible response to the crowd’s misplaced anger, Drake made sure to include “I’m Upset” off his album Scorpion in the set.