Miley Cyrus Recovering From Surgery With Cody Simpson ‘By Her Side’


Miley Cyrus just underwent surgery, and will spend the next several weeks recovering with new beau Cody Simpson to take care of her.

miley cyrus recovering from surgery vocal cords tonsillitis cody simpson keeping her company

Miley Recovering at Home After Second Surgery

The 26-year-old singer is now on the mend and spending her time recovering at home, after a procedure last month uncovered a separate issue that she needed surgery to correct.

Miley was admitted to a local hospital last month, so she could undergo surgery for tonsillitis. It was only one day after she revealed on social media that she had been suffering from the condition.

While she was in the hospital, it was discovered that Miley had a separate issue with her vocal cords, though. According to sources, she unknowingly had the issue for years. It certainly doesn’t take a psychic reader to know that the singer needed to have surgery ASAP to correct the issue, so the star headed back into surgery.

Recording and Performing on Hold for Miley While She Rests Her Voice

Even though Miley was working on new music, she has now had to put any recording or performing on hold. Part of her recovery following both surgeries requires that she rests her voice “for several weeks while her vocal cords heal,” a source close to Miley said. Any strain caused by singing would likely prolong the singer’s healing.

The last time that Miley performed was back in September, shortly after her split from The Hills: New Beginnings star Kaitlynn Jenner.

miley cyrus recovering from surgery vocal cords tonsillitis cody simpson keeping her company

Cody Simpson is Keeping Miley Company

But even though she can’t hit the recording studio any time soon, her new love interest Cody Simpson is making sure that “she isn’t bored while she recovers,” the source said, adding that “Cody is by her side. They are still doing well. Miley seems very happy.”

It seems like 22-year-old Australian singer has been good about keeping his girlfriend company during both her earlier tonsillitis surgery and her vocal cord surgery. Last week, Miley shared photos and video of herself and Cody on Instagram celebrating her younger brother’s wedding.

Miley also posted several Halloween photos, in which Cody was dressed as Billy Idol and Miley is his longtime flame Perri Lister. The pair certainly packed on the PDA in a candid video clip, too, so it sounds like her recovery isn’t going so bad, after all.