Chris Brown’s Yard Sale Causes Fans to Crowd Streets after Social Media Posts


In an unprecedented move by singer and songwriter Chris Brown, a garage sale ensued at his estate on Wednesday.

Brown posted a flyer on Tuesday to his Twitter and Instagram accounts with details about the sale to his 88 million followers – which included his home address where the sale was to be held the next day.

Chris Brown holds yard sale at his home in the City of Los Angeles.

Chris Brown’s Fans and Profiteers

After the announcement, both fans and profiteers lined the streets of Tarzana, Brown’s neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley area. The sale, which was held on Wednesday began to form lines as early as 5 a.m.

Some of the yard sale shoppers were there for the fun and just getting a chance to see what the sale had to offer and some were there in hopes of profiting off the sale by selling the merchandise online.

One person snagged a pair of sneakers thought to be worn by Brown for only $35 with the anticipation of being able to resell the sneakers for around $500. Other shoppers just wanted the chance to own something previously owned by Brown.

Just a Yard Sale

Although it’s perfectly normal for people to have yard sales in the City of Los Angeles, it’s not every day that a superstar decides to hold one at their home. After the announcement, Brown was reportedly visited by the LAPD, as well as, a Code Enforcement Officer with the Building and Safety division.

An official from the Building and Safety commission told TMZ that they were there to go over the rules with Brown pertaining to what he was allowed, and not allowed to do. With multiple visits to his home over something that’s perfectly normal for anyone to do – some feel the city was trying squash the sale before it even started.

This isn’t the first time Brown revealed his home address to his fans. He previously gave his address during an argument with Offset in February – urging the rapper to come and fight him at his home claiming, “My address ain’t no secret spot.”

Despite the large crowd, the police said they had not received any complaints and that the crowd remained orderly throughout the sale. According to a news release, Brown plans to donate some of the proceeds to charities.