At some point in the last couple of years, Keanu Reeves went from an actor we all liked to poke fun at (cue his “Whoa?!” from The Matrix) to a precious treasure we would die to protect.

And now, it seems he’s finally found love after a tragic heartbreak.

Keanue Reeves and Alexandra Grant

Keanu debuted his alleged girlfriend, artist Alexandra Grant, at the LACMA Art + Film Gala this weekend. Previously, they’d been spotted in Los Angeles on what appeared to be cozy dinner dates.


Despite his success at the box office, Keanu’s life is beset by tragedies.

His best friend, River Phoenix, died of an overdose. His only child–a daughter named Ava–was stillborn. Ava’s mother, Jennifer Syme, died in a car crash not long after their relationship fell apart.

And Keanu’s sister, Kim, survived a 10-year battle with leukemia.

“Grief changes shape, but it never ends,” Keanu once said.

His grief fueled him to anonymously donate millions to cancer research.

He’s also known for ensuring that the crew on his films is treated fairly, going so far as to share his salary with the stunt performers on The Matrix.

Love at Last?

But what about his new lady? Alexandra Grant is the first woman (other than his immediate family) to ever appear with him on the red carpet.

The pair have been friends for at least a decade, having collaborated on illustrated books together in 2011 and 2016. She’s a multimedia artist who works in paint, sculpture, and drawing, as well as photography and film.

And yes, Alexandra is 46 to Keanu’s 55. After seeing Dennis Quaid get engaged to a woman who is literally 40 years younger than him, it’s refreshing to see a Hollywood star dating someone roughly his age.

Although we’re still not sure how Keanu manages to look so ageless. Is it vitamins… or just being a really great guy?

Fans were quick to point out that Alexandra’s silver hair and regal stature makes her look a little like Helen Mirren at a glance–and that’s not a bad thing.

She wore a Grecian-inspired navy blue gown with artistic jewelry and a simple updo (plus a killer berry lipstick that we’d love to get an ID on). Keanu wore a black-on-black 3-piece suit with, it has to be said, hideous brown hiking boots.

But he’s Keanu, and we love him anyway.

The pair didn’t indulge in any serious PDA, of course, but they did hold hands. Keanu is known for being a gentleman; in fact, we recently realized that when he poses with female colleagues and fans, he’s careful to keep his hands respectfully to himself.