Matthew McConaughey Joins Instagram–All Right, All Right, All Right!


Matthew McConaughey has finally joined Instagram. The laid-back actor had avoided most social media before now, but it seems the time is right for the chillest dude on the planet to join the rest of us on Instagram.


The fifty-year-old celebrated his big birthday on Monday by creating his account and posting a video.

The Dallas Buyers Club star’s bio reads, “Husband. Father. Actor. Minister of Culture. Professor. Creative Director. AustinFC. JKLivin. Pickle Expert.”

In the video, the actor wears a backward baseball cap with a white polo and denim jacket. He explains his decision to finally join one of the most popular social media sites in the world.

Having a Dialogue

“When people come to my page, I want them to see me. But this is my first venture into sharing myself and my views with the world, and I’m a little bit nervous about it.”

McConaughey continues with a mischievous smirk, “Because, quite frankly, I know I want to have a monologue–I’m not sure I want to have the dialogue.”

He laughs and looks into the camera.

McConaughey continues to talk about sharing himself with the world and hopes that his views will “translate” to fans.

The Magic Mike actor’s message is rather cryptic and doesn’t reveal much about what, exactly, the dialogue he presents will entail. But having garnered over 800,000 followers in one day, it’s clear that fans are ready to listen.

McConaughey continues on about his hopes for his future on Instagram, saying, “If it tickles your funny bone, makes you think a second, makes your heart swell up a little bit…if it makes you take a quiet moment for a walk and go, ‘I gotta check in with the M and the E.’ Hopefully all of those things.”

The Future of McConaughey’s Instagram

We’re expecting lots of pictures of McConaughey’s wife, Camila Alves, and family photos with their daughter and two sons.

It’s likely we’ll also get updates on McConaughey’s just keep livin foundation, which helps teenagers make healthy choices and lead active lives.

“Let’s have some fun with it though,” he says. “And let’s keep the high eye. Not the low eye. High eye.” He points to the ceiling.

What is he talking about? No one’s really sure. But we’re sticking around in case “keeping the high eye” means posting a lot of shirtless pictures.