Pamela Anderson Slammed For Cultural Appropriation Over Halloween Costume


Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is catching some serious backlash on Twitter after posting some risqué photos of herself in her Halloween costume this year.

The 52-year-old Canadian actress and animal rights activist decided that a Native American headdress would make a great Halloween costume, but Twitter users everywhere are accusing her of cultural appropriation for it.

Racy Halloween Pics

Like plenty of other celebrities, Pamela posted photos of her Halloween costume on Thursday to celebrate the holiday and wish her fans “Happy Halloween.”

In one of the photos, the actress poses in white high-waisted bikini bottoms and what appears to be white paint covering up her chest. She is also holding a Native American headdress in her left hand.

In the second black and white photo, Pamela is seen posing topless on a staircase and looking back at the camera as she dons the Native American headdress.

Needless to say, her costume choice did not go over so well with users on social media. Several of her followers are calling her out for cultural appropriation over the choice.

One user replied to Pamela, letting her know that her photo “is the quintessential cultural appropriation that people are not liking. The Native head dress. Not so cool.”

Another posted a photo stating that Native culture is not a costume.

Some Users Find it Hypocritical, Coming From an Animal Rights Activist

Plenty of users are outraged at Pamela’s ignorance over indigenous people’s rights, considering how well-known she is for being an animal rights activist.

One user pointed out that Pamela “doesn’t eat animals because it’s cruel” but that she “willingly promotes the mocking of native cultures.” Another tweeted in response, “If only you were as considerate of indigenous culture as you are about animals.”

To be honest, if a celebrity is old enough to set sail on cruises for seniors only, they’re probably old enough to know not to wear a headdress as a costume without expecting some kind of backlash. And it kind of seems like Pamela probably expected it–and just doesn’t care that much.

While Pamela Anderson hasn’t directly responded to the outrage or engaged to the backlash otherwise, she did try to sort of tell people how she felt when she tweeted an article from Law Library titled, “The Illogic of Cultural Appropriation.”

However, even though she is not engaging directly, plenty of users are saying that Pamela has blocked them on the platform after letting her know what they thought of her costume.