End for Bill Murray–We Weren’t Ready!


There’s a reason 69-year-old comedy legend and practical joker extraordinaire Bill Murray hasn’t been seen on screen for a while.

Bill Murray

“That’s The End”

Murray recently sat down with Amy Schumer for an episode of her podcast, 3 Girls and a Keith, to talk about his career. And according to him, it’s over. In fact, he submitted an application… to P.F. Chang’s?

He told Schumer that the most satisfying work of his career is already behind him, citing the comedy-drama Broken Flowers with frequent collaborator Jim Jarmusch.

“I thought I could never do any better than that. I really thought, that’s the end, I can’t, I’m done. I was kind of looking for another career.”

Murray continued, “And nothing came up, there were no other applications submitted. Although I did fill out an application at P.F. Chang’s at the Atlanta Airport, ‘cus I think that’s one of the great places.”

Wait, Is He Serious?

It would be ludicrous for Bill Murray to work as a waiter at P.F. Chang’s–even the really nice one at the Atlanta airport.

Despite his claim that they “look like they are having the best time” at the restaurant, we’re talking about one of the greatest comedians of all time. That’d be like hiring roofing contractors and then having Vin Diesel and The Rock show up.

Then again, Murray is also notoriously eccentric. He has crashed weddings, kickball games, and photobombed countless people.

He also refuses to have an agent; instead, anyone who wants to hire him has to call a secret phone number and leave a message about the project. If he’s interested–or remembers to check his voicemail–he might call back.

That means he has missed out on dozens of major movies since firing his agents in 2000. If literally any other actor pulled that move, they’d never work again. But this is Bill Murray, and he can get away with pretty much anything.

P.F. Chang’s Is Down

The real winner here is P.F. Chang’s, who immediately jumped on social media when the story broke.

“Bill, you’re hired! When can you start?” the chain wrote on Twitter.

While it’s more common for struggling young actors to work as waiters while they try to get their big break, we wouldn’t but it past Bill Murray to go the opposite route.

It seems like he’ll do just about anything to amuse himself when he’s bored. Don’t be surprised if, the next time you have a layover at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Bill Murray is dishing up fried rice and dumplings at P.F. Chang’s.