Carly Simon Says #MeToo Has Gone Too Far


74-year-old folk singer Carly Simon thinks that the #MeToo movement has gone too far, making it “dangerous” for men to “act like men.” 

Carly Simon

“It Feels a Little Bit Unnatural”

In an interview with The Guardian, Carly says, “Now I hope that it will go back to a position where things will be normalized.” She says it “feels a little bit unnatural for me that men can’t say a flattering thing to a woman without there being a possible reckoning.

“I’m a woman and I’ve been subject to that and there was the casting couch in a number of cases in my life that I was harmed by. But I think at this point it’s just dangerous for men to act like men.”

Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein

Carly also discussed her troubling experience with the infamous producer Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein “asked me to score a movie that his wife at the time had made, a little Japanese cartoon, and so I did it in good faith,” she says.

“I hired musicians and scored the movie and at the recording session, I said: ‘Well, how shall I get paid?’ He said: ‘Well, we’ll figure it out later,’ and he never followed up.

“I think that stealing from one financially may be one step below [doing so] sexually,” she added. 

Carly said she thinks that the producer’s breadth of influence allowed him to get away with his treacherous, predatory behavior for so long. She also attributed it to the way in which he framed his predation.

“People obviously were so intimidated by his power and wanted to be on the receiving end of what one maybe thought of as largesse, that maybe there was goodwill behind all of his seduction,” she said. 

“I was lucky not to be one of them,” she said of the women who were abused by Weinstein. The Miramax mega-producer was accused of sexual misconduct by over 70 women during 2017 and 2018. He currently faces at least four criminal charges of sexual assault.

Have Things Gone Too Far?

While Simon supports the #MeToo movement, her worry is that it has gone too far, making men afraid to do or say anything to a woman without fear of repercussion.

In her view, men should be able to compliment a woman in a healthy way without fear that they’ll be labeled a predator.