Megan Mullally Skips Out on “Will & Grace” Final Season Amid Rumors of Feud


Things are allegedly pretty messy on the set of the Will & Grace reunion. The sitcom is currently filming its 11th–and final–season.

However, you won’t see Megan Mullally in at least two of the episodes.

The cast of Will and Grace are fueding going into the season finale

Social Media Sleuthing

60-year-old Megan sparked rumors that all was not well when she stopped following co-stars Debra Messing and Sean Hayes on Instagram. She’s pretty active on social media, along with her real-life hubby and fellow Parks & Recreation star Nick Offerman, so it’s not just that she was cutting back on the ‘Gram.

Eric McCormack is the only W&G star Megan still follows–but none of the cast follows her back. Megan also has not been participating in any of the social media promotion for the show and generally gives off a vibe that she is over the whole thing.

Now, these are all adults with decades of acting experience under their belts. They really shouldn’t be beefing like Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez, but that seems to be what’s happening.

Eric Denies Feud Rumors

Eric attempted to play peacemaker by issuing a statement to Us Weekly: “It seems crazy. It is crazy! I think people worried about that entirely too much.”

That’s not really a denial, is it? He also said, “The four of us get along like a house on fire. We always have.”

The titular Will also clarified that any potential on-set rivalry has nothing to do with why the show is ending after this season.

“The show’s ending because we want to make sure that it ends up properly, that we go out on top, that it never gets sort of lost in the shuffle,” Eric told Us Weekly.

“We’re going to go out, I think those 18 episodes airing in a row, NBC’s doing it all at once, which I used to love that. So it’s going to go big. It’s going to go out in a way that I’m really going to be proud of.”

Megan Bows Out

Megan reportedly asked for a leave of absence for two of the show’s remaining episodes. Do you think she gave them some kind of bogus excuse?

Like, “Sorry, I can’t film our hit TV show. I’ve got to stick around and wait for my roofing contractors”?

While we would hope that these highly paid professional actors would be able to, you know, pretend to like each other while the cameras are rolling, sometimes it doesn’t happen.

For example, the on-set beef between Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi was allegedly so bad that the actors insisted on shooting their shared scenes for The Good Wife separately with body doubles so that they wouldn’t have to be in the same room together.

Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion reportedly hated each other so much by the end of Castle that they refused to speak outside of their written dialogue.

Hopefully, the cast of Will & Grace can keep it together and go out on a high note.