Sold Out! Kanye Wests’ Preview of ‘Jesus Is King’ in Los Angeles


If you were hoping to get a sneak peek at Kanye West’s new project, Jesus Is King, then you might be feeling pretty salty right now.

The free, one-night preview at The Forum in Los Angeles sold out in minutes on Ticketmaster.

Kanye performing during 'Jesus Is King' preview
LA Times

The “Jesus Is King Album and Film Experience” event was a sight to see. Thankfully, Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, shared several videos of the event on Instagram.

The Forum was lit with the words “Jesus Is King,” and at the start of the show, Kanye danced among the crowd.

Will Kanye Beat the Record?

Jesus Is King is the first album Kanye has released since Ye, which tied the record for the most consecutive #1 albums in chart history.

The record is now a four-way tie between Eminem, The Beatles, Kanye West, and Drake. Eminem was the first to tie The Beatles’ uncontested record in late 2017.

If the preview for Jesus Is King is any indication of record sales tomorrow, Kanye may be the first artist to break The Beatles’ long-held title of most consecutive #1 albums.

Since the Beatles are no longer releasing records, Kanye, Eminem, and Drake could all be battling for the highest number for some time to come.

With Eminem spacing releases a few years apart and Kanye holding to about a year, Drake–who releases more frequently–would likely be the first to contend for the spot if Jesus Is King quenches the spot to break the record with nine #1 consecutive-album releases.

‘Jesus Is King’ Film and Album Release

The release of the Jesus Is King album was originally scheduled for September 27th but was pushed back by Kanye to October 25th. The 35-minute film, directed by Nick Knight, will hit IMAX theaters across the country tomorrow.

On Sunday, Kanye announced via Twitter that the Jesus Is King album will also be released tomorrow–his first tweet in the past eight months.