Is Lori Harvey Being Falsely Accused by the Media Following Crash?


It’s bad enough to be caught texting and driving, but causing an accident while doing it is even worse. Add in fleeing from the scene, and you’ll end up in the now real-life celebrity drama starring model Lori Harvey.

Lori Harvey accused of fleeing the scene. Is it justified?

But is the situation as bad as it seems–or is the media playing it up because of her famous father and even more famous ex?

The Accident

Don’t take me wrong, the drama was just getting good; however, the allegations that Harvey was fleeing the scene just don’t add up based on the information we have.

Although no injuries have been reported in the crash, her Mercedes G-Wagon was flipped on its side. If you’ve ever been involved in an accident where your vehicle rolled or tipped, it can be a pretty traumatic experience.

The nature of the accident prompted people nearby to step in and help Harvey out of the vehicle.

Police found her walking a short distance away, and she was ticketed for a misdemeanor hit and run, as well as, delaying a police investigation in Beverly Hills. She was released at the scene of the accident and police confirm that alcohol was not a factor in the crash.

Witnesses to the accident claim to have seen her texting and driving just before slamming into a Prius which caused the G-Wagon she was driving to tip on its side.

Fleeing the Scene?

So here are the facts. She was driving her own car, she was identified by people at the scene of the accident, and she was found walking a short distance away from the scene (not running).

She was not intoxicated, and she was released at the scene–not taken into custody. It is not the job of the officers who responded to the 911 call to determine why she left the scene of the accident, just to ticket any observed or likely offenses.

When you add up all of the facts, the probability that she was simply in shock from the gravity of the accident, as opposed to fleeing the scene, is more probable than the idea that she thought she was going to walk away without any consequences.

Do You Know Who She Is?

Lori is the daughter of Steve Harvey and the recent ex of Puff Daddy. Her relative fame makes her a prime target for paparazzi, and spinning the idea that she was fleeing the scene of an accident makes for a juicier headline.

Regardless of my own interpretation of why Harvey left the scene, texting while driving is not OK. There is a reason it is banned in many states, including California. It causes accidents – which appears to be the case based on witness allegations in this particular crash. Don’t text and drive.