We can now add “tough as nails” to how we describe Lady Gaga, who fell off the side of a stage after getting picked up by a fan.

A dream for any true Lady Gaga fan out there, one lucky guy from the audience was invited up on stage to join the 33-year-old pop superstar. It was Thursday night at Park MGM, while Gaga was in the middle of a performance for her Las Vegas residency show called Enigma.

Gaga has been performing Enigma in Las Vegas since December 2018, but this was the first time things have gone so badly wrong.

Lady Gaga Hugs Fan, Leaps Into His Arms Unexpectedly

Jack was certainly more than excited to be invited up on stage. He looked like he didn’t want to let go when the Grammy-winning performer gave him a hug, so Gaga decided to play along and make it the embrace a lifetime. In what turned out to be a bad decision, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist.

I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Jack was caught off guard… and off balance. He tried to recalibrate with a few hops and a couple of twists, but there was no saving the situation. The crowd’s cheers started turning to gasps as one misstep led to both Jack and Lady Gaga toppling over and tumbling off the right side of the elevated stage.

Lady Gaga dropped off stage by fan
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Go ahead and make all the Titanic jokes you want, because Jack never let go!

It looks like the pair fell pretty hard, and poor Gaga took the brunt of the fall. However, after the two plummeted into the crowd, other fans rushed to help.

Gaga Gets Back Up Like a Champ

And just like that, Lady Gaga was back on stage and performing as if nothing had ever happened. It seems as though neither of them were seriously injured. Just a little banged up–and probably shaken up, too. No personal injury attorney needed, thankfully, but Gaga will probably think twice before pulling a similar stunt.

Jack was apparently in tears after the incident, but Gaga did her best to console him. In fact, she invited him back up on stage to sit with her as she played piano and performed “Million Reasons.”

I’ll bet the star’s post-show ritual of taking an ice bath followed by a hot soak was extremely necessary after all that. And Jack will have a story to tell at parties for the rest of his life!