Miley Cyrus seems to be doing just fine since her recent split from Kaitlynn Carter, and it looks like she has already set her sights (and lips!) on someone new.

miley cyrus spotted kissing making out

Miley and Her Back-to-Back Breakups

The 26-year-old singer has been through it in the last few months. She came out publicly about her sexuality, saying that it’s “fluid,” and that she’s very much attracted to women despite her marriage to a man. But it wasn’t long after that interview that Miley and husband Liam Hemsworth decided to call it quits.

Of course, that’s when Miley started dating Kaitlynn Carter, sharing steamy make-out sessions while on vacation in Italy together, stepping out for dinner at trendy New York restaurants while attending fashion week, and being spotted together all over Los Angeles.

However, Miley’s relationship with Kaitlynn didn’t last either.

Miley Spotted Making Out With This Heartthrob

This week, Miley was seen spending some time with her old friend Cody Simpson at Backyard Bowls eatery in Los Angeles. Witnesses even spotted the pair kissing!

miley cyrus cody simpson

Cody, a 22-year-old Australian musician and heartthrob, has been friends with Miley for years, but it looks like the pair might be taking their relationship to the next level… or at least exploring the idea.

It wasn’t just any old kiss, either. Witnesses claim it looked like they were having a relatively serious conversation before Miley sat on his lap. It didn’t take too long for their PDA to escalate into a full make-out session.

That wasn’t the only time these possible lovebirds was seen together, though. It looks like they spent all day around town together.

They Were Also Spotted at a Local Grocery Store Kissing

Miley and Cody were spotted together at a Los Angeles grocery store. According to an eyewitness, they shared a “quick kiss” while grabbing sushi and a bottled water from the store. It appeared as if they tried to rush out of the store after people took notice of them together.

Reps for Miley or Cody have not commented. The pair were linked previously, when dating rumors started spreading in late 2014. They also spent a lot of time together in 2015, but Cody maintained that they were “just mates.”