House Party Remake is Happening And Lebron James is the Producer!


Another 90s Hollywood remake is on its way and it’s being produced by Laker’s superstar Lebron James with ‘Old Town Road Remix’ video director, Calmatic at the helm.

House Party Remake

An Epic House Party Remake

Film distribution company, New Line Cinema is giving the public more 1990s nostalgia as it partners with SpringHill Entertainment and a slew of other notable Hollywood influencers on a new project.

Music video director, Calmatic, who was responsible for making Lil Nas X’s remix of Old Town Road a success, will be spearheading the House Party remake. LA Lakers’ Lebron James and his business partner Maverick Carter will be producing the film.

Calmatic is Perfect for the Role

The driving force behind recruiting Calmatic as the video director for the House Party remake is his familiarity with the hip-hop scene and culture. He has worked with artists such as Khalid, Anderson Paak, and Kendrick Lamar and his creativity with the Old Town Road remix demonstrates his flair for originality.

In fact, Calmatic’s zaney music video of Lil Nas X’s remix with Billy Ray Cyrus helped the song break several Billboard records and earn it the 2019 MTV Video Music Award for best direction. It’s almost certain that the original House Party “vibe” will stay intact.

The Original House Party

The original 1990s House Party movie featured Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin as the rap duo Kid ‘N Play. The two best friends and rap partners decide to throw the biggest house party while Play’s parents are out of town.

After getting grounded, Kid has to sneak out of his bedroom window in order to attend his buddy’s epic house party. Confronted by beautiful girls and other rival rap artists, the two proceed to throw the best party ever!

House Party Sequels

The original House Party was so successful that it received two sequels: House Party 2 in 1991 and House Party 3 in 1994. The fourth installment, House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute released in 2001 went straight to video and didn’t include any of the original cast members.

In 2012, House Party: Tonight’s the Night, the fifth movie in the series, saw the return of Kid ‘N Play. With Calmatic at the helm along with talented writers such as Stephen Glover and Jamal Olori, the House Party remake may just be one 90s reboot that actually sees some success.