Dennis Rodman Claims Madonna Offered Him $20M to Get Her Pregnant


The former NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman has a great story from the 90’s.

Remember all the way back in 1994? Things were a little crazy then. The average movie ticket cost a whole $4, OJ Simpson and his white Ford Bronco led police on the slowest chase ever, and Woodstock was resurrected as a muddy nightmare. Y’all, wifi internet providers weren’t even a thing yet. We didn’t even have texting. But crazier than all of those things?

dennis rodman nba star claims madonna offered money for baby

Dennis Rodman says that Madonna offered him $20 million to give her a baby.

$20 Million For a Baby

And I don’t mean that she needed a donor, thought he had a great gene pool, and offered to pay him for a… ahem, sample. I mean that she flew him across the country for some salacious activities real quick, and then flew him back to resume his activities.

Sounds pretty crazy, right?

Well, Rodman claims it’s all true. He was a guest on The Breakfast Club, which is a morning radio show on New York’s Power 105.1. I’m assuming that he was there to chat about the new ESPN documentary about him called 30 for 30., but as he was there, the conversation shifted to an outlandish story involving Rodman and one of his brief fling.

Rodman and Madonna Dated For Two Months, Probably For Publicity

In 1994, Rodman and Madonna had a very high-profile relationship, but it was only for about two months. These days, Rodman insists that Madonna dated him to boost her career, saying that “in 1993, her career was declining, she said she dated me cos I was a bad boy. I was going up and she was pretty much leveling off.”

That’s not the crazy part, though. According to Rodman, the “Material Girl” was so desperate to have a baby that she offered him $20 million to father a child.

Rodman says that he was out in Las Vegas gambling when he got a call from Madonna letting him know that she was ovulating. Rodman says he put his gambling on hold, and Madonna flew him out to NYC for some amorous activities. Once the pair were done, he flew back out to Vegas to finish up his game.

Rodman Didn’t Get His $20M, But Maybe Someone Else Did

The pair never had a kid together, so I guess Rodman didn’t get his $20 million.

Rodman did speculate, though, that Madonna’s oldest daughter might have been conceived from a similar arrangement that Madonna could have made with her ex trainer Carlos Leon.

These days, the 61-year-old Madonna has six kids, ranging from 22 years old to 7 years old. Rodman has three of his own, ages 31, 19, and 18.