Kevin Hart Sued for $60 Million by Woman in Sex Video


Kevin Hart is being sued for $60 million by the woman who appeared in a 2017 sex tape with Hart, saying she believes he was in on it.

kevin hart sex tape scandal

Montia Sabbag, who was secretly videotaped without her knowledge or consent while engaged in “private, consensual sexual relations” with Kevin Hart in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2017, has filed a federal lawsuit against Hart and others involved in the tape’s creation or publication online.

Sex Tape Caused an Extortion Scandal, Hart’s Friend Arrested

The video went public in 2017, when it was published online and made available to basically anyone with internet service. It became the center of an extortion scandal. Hart addressed the issue at the time, by publicly stating that he was being extorted over the video. He also apologized to his wife and kids for his infidelity, admitting that he was “irresponsible” and “guilty.”

That’s when Hart’s former friend, Jonathan Todd Jackson, was arrested and charged with attempting to extort money from Hart. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office said that Jackson also later tried to sell the tape to various celebrity news sites.

At the time the scandal broke, Sabbag and her lawyer held a press conference where they said that they were not seeking any money from Hart, saying that both Sabbag and Hart were “victims” of the incident.

Sabbag Now Believes Hart Was Behind Sex Tape Scandal For Publicity

But now, Sabbag has filed a new lawsuit alleging that Hart actually allowed the tape to be recorded. According to court documents, she claims that Hart gave his then-friend, Jackson, access to the Vegas hotel room, and did know of the hidden video camera within the room.

Sabbag believes that Hart actually conspired with Jackson, and the whole incident was planned as a way to help promote the comedian’s Irresponsible Tour at the time, and to “increase his overall pop culture status.”

Sabbag Suing For Invasion of Privacy, Emotional Distress

In other words, Sabbag is convinced that the whole sex tape incident was a publicity stunt, and now she wants to be repaid for the damages done to her without her consent.

She’s now suing him for $60 million for intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy, and is demanding a trial by jury.