Christie Brinkley’s Shattered Arm, Wendy Williams Says it’s FAKE


Christie Brinkley’s gruesome and painful injury means that she will not be showing off her hard work on the Dancing With the Stars stage, but pal Wendy Williams claims the injury was a planned fake.

christie brinkley injury wendy williams calls fake

The 65-year-old supermodel, who has clearly discovered the fountain of youth, or at least the best wrinkle cream, will no longer able to participate in the hit reality dance series that she worked so hard to prepare for.

Several days after news broke that Christie had injured herself during rehearsals, she has now revealed that an accident during a Dancing With the Stars rehearsal left her arm shattered “into a thousand little pieces, just a million of little pieces.”

Christie’s Long Road to Recovery After Surgery

The very serious injury means that Christie has a long road to recovery. Her fall left her with a dislocated wrist, plus multiple broken bones. On Friday, she had to have surgery to insert a plate and screws in order to repair her shattered arm. The star also suffered a twisted ankle earlier in practice.

Brinkley remains on heavy pain killers as she recovers from her much-needed surgery. But aside from the physical pain, Christie is also dealing with the disappointment of not being able to compete on DWTS.

She says that being pulled from the show was a “crushing disappointment in every way.” Fortunately for Christie, though, her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook, who is also a model, stepped up at the last minute to take her place in the competition.

Wendy Says Christie Faked an Injury to Get Daughter on DWTS

But now, Christie is dealing with another disappointment, in the way of someone she’s long called a friend: Wendy Williams.

During the season premiere of The Wendy Williams Show, the host speculated over what she thought was actually going on with Christie Brinkley and daughter Sailor.

Wendy had the nerve to show the footage of Brinkley’s fall during rehearsal and say that it “looked fake.” She then added her theory, that Christie only signed up to do the show knowing that she’d fake an injury to get her daughter cast on DWTS.

Wendy, who is 55 years old herself, also went so far as to say that “at least Christie, at 65, won’t have to be dancing around like that. Because you can look like a teenager on the outside, but it’s all 65 on the inside.”

Christie “Totally Shocked,” Burst into Tears

When asked about Wendy’s theory, Christie burst into tears as she said that she was “totally shocked” by Wendy’s remarks, because she has “been there for Wendy Williams.”

Christie’s daughter, Sailor, will be competing against actor James Van Der Beek, The Supremes’ Mary Wilson, former NBA star Lamar Odom, and Trump’s former press secretary Sean Spicer, among other stars.