Zooey Deschanel Has a New Man–and You’ll Never Guess Who It Is!


We JUST found out that Zooey Deschanel and her husband split up. Now, it turns out that she has a new boyfriend–and it’s literally the most random celebrity we can think of. Can you guess who it is?


Zooey has apparently already moved on with Jonathan Scott–AKA one of the Property Brothers. The 39-year-old actress and 41-year-old reality TV star (pictured in the passenger seat) have only been dating for a short while.

‘It’s New’

Despite the fact that she announced her divorce less than two weeks ago, People was able to confirm that they Zooey and Jonathan are, in fact, a couple. “It’s new, but they are having a lot of fun together,” a source told the magazine.

We’ve seen the paparazzi photos of them walking hand-in-hand on the way to lunch in adorable coordinated navy blue outfits, and they’re surprisingly cute together. An eyewitness dished to HollywoodLife about the lovebirds, describing them as “really sweet.”

“Zooey and Jonathan kept looking at each other and smiling and sat closely, cuddling constantly throughout their meal. They looked very happy and casual,” the eyewitness gushed.

How Did They Even Meet?

So how, you might ask yourself, could these two people have met? It turns out that Zooey and her sister, Bones actress Emily Deschanel, filmed an episode of Carpool Karaoke with the Property Brothers in August. The siblings allegedly became friends, and then sparks ignited between Zooey and Jonathan.

Their romance doesn’t appear to have any overlap with Zooey’s marriage. She and ex-husband Jacob Pechenik had apparently been separated for months before officially divorcing in early September.

Zooey’s Ex Speaks Out

Jacob had nothing but kind words to say about his ex: “Everything is amicable and we have two beautiful children together,” the producer told HollywoodLife. “We’ve been raising them and we’re going to continue to raise them, and take great care of get them… I’m happy.”

In fact, Zooey and Jacob are so amicable that they’re still working together on their startup company Lettuce Grow, which makes easy-to-use self-watering vertical gardens so that families can grow fresh produce at home. The devices are made from recycled plastics that have been salvaged from coastal communities to stop pollutants from ending up in the ocean.

Zooey was previously married to indie rocker Ben Gibbard of the band Death Cab for Cutie. Jonathan Scott was married to Kelsy Ully, but they split in 2010. Jonathan confessed that he found out his ex was leaving him when she scrubbed every trace of him from her Facebook profile. Ouch!