Reese Witherspoon Will Testify in Ryan Phillipe’s Assault Trial


Reese Witherspoon will be forced to testify in the upcoming assault trial against her ex-husband Ryan Phillipe on October 15.


Alleged Abuse and Drug Addiction

Two years ago, Instagram model and Playboy Miss June 2017 Elsie Hewitt (22) sued Ryan Phillipe (44) for a million dollars for assault, battery, and emotional distress. She claims that Ryan threw her down the stairs following their breakup. Hewitt also alleges that Ryan is an addict who is hooked on cocaine, ecstasy, psychedelic mushrooms, and steroids. Throw in an opiate or two, and that’s basically all the drugs.

Ryan denies all of her claims and believes that Elsie is just out for money. In fact, he filed a counter-suit accusing her of extortion. Elsie’s lawyers claim that he’s trying to drag out the issue to force her to drop the suit, but that’s not happening.

She’ll See Him in Court

Instead, a court trial will move forward on October 15. Reese Witherspoon is among the people being called to testify by Elsie’s lawyers. She has been scheduled for an hour in court, which will allegedly involve a cross-examination by Ryan’s lawyers.

His former fiancee Paulina Slagter will also be called to the stand. In 2017, Paulina filed a police report claiming that Ryan sent “aggressive” and harassing text messages following their breakup. The Blast claims that they have inside sources familiar with the issue, and according to them, Ryan paid off Paulina to stay silent about the incident.

Ryan insists that there’s no reason for his exes to get dragged into court. He’s especially reluctant to have Reese take the stand. His lawyers agree, writing, “Although divorced, they maintain a pleasant relationship with each other and their child. The nature of their marriage and its termination, as well as their ongoing relationship,  could only be used in this trial for improper purposes.”

Note that Reese and Ryan actually have two kids, Ava (19) and Deacon (16). Incidentally, their daughter is about the same age now as Elsie was when she started dating Ryan…

What Would Elle Woods Do?

Reese Witherspoon seems to be in a pretty good place in her life right now. Time magazine just named her the highest-paid actress in the world, and her clothing company Draper James is going strong.

Immediately after her Oscar win for Walk the Line and her shocking divorce from Ryan Phillipe, her career started to flounder. Plus there was the very embarrassing incident in 2013 when she was charged with disorderly conduct after pulling the “Do you know who I am?!” card with a police officer when her husband was pulled over.

So it’s great to see Reese back on top–and I’m sure there’s nothing she’d rather be doing than getting dragged into her ex-husband’s messy life. Check back here for updates about this unfolding court case!