Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Makes Red Carpet Debut

Jon Kopaloff | FilmMagic

Jenner stepped out with her daughter, Stormi Webster, on the red carpet Tuesday for the Netflix premiere of Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly. The 18th-month-old is no stranger to the camera, but this is her first red carpet appearance.

Jon Kopaloff FilmMagic Kylie Jenner daughter red carpet feat
Jon Kopaloff | FilmMagic

Little Stormi looked wide-eyed and surprised, but she didn’t cry or create a fuss. As far as babies on the red carpet go, she handled herself like a pro.

The Netflix Documentary

The couple was walking the red carpet for Scott’s new Netflix documentary, Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly. Jenner is listed as a producer for the flick, with is out now on the streaming service. She didn’t need a business degree to amass her wealth, and according to a Forbes list, is the youngest self-made billionaire.

The documentary follows Scott as he is working on Astroworld, his album that netted him a Grammy nomination. The story is raw and “uplifting” according to the description and shows him trying to juggle being a partner to Jenner, a parent to Stormi, and a huge rap star.

So far, reactions on Twitter from fans have been very positive. His fan base is really responding well to Scott’s honesty and openness within the documentary. Releasing it on Netflix is also smart, as the company has been increasingly eager for new and unique content.

Their Relationship Still Seems Solid

Despite the cheating rumors that circulated in February of this year, when Scott canceled a tour date and flew to LA to be with Jenner, the couple seems more committed to each other than ever.

They’ve been dating since April of 2017 when they hooked up at Coachella for the first time. Within a few weeks, their daughter Stormi was conceived. It wasn’t the plan, but this young couple handled it extremely well.

Now, two years later, they are still together and raising their daughter. According to everything they both post on social media and share in interviews, Scott is a dedicated and loving father, and Jenner has found new life and purpose raising her daughter while running her beauty empire.

Despite living together, the couple couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Travis made a bold squeeze of Jenner’s behind while posing for pictures, and they constantly were touching each other while smiling for the camera.

Marriage On The Horizon?

Rumors of marriage have been circling the two for over a year now, but there is no confirmation on engagement, despite the fact they regularly refer to each other as “hubby” or “wifey”.

According to sources close to the couple, Jenner is in no rush to get married, while Scott is finding marriage and stability increasingly important. They both, however, put their daughter Stormi above all else.