Channing Tatum and Jessie J Break Up – with Social Media


Channing Tatum and his new love, British pop star Jessie J, have announced that they’re taking a social media break.


Channing Says Buh-Bye

Channing told his 17 million Instagram followers the news earlier this month, explaining that spending so much time on social media was messing with his ability to be creative:

“I’m gonna take a break and come off socials for a minute. I’ve been trying to get inspired and create again. And to be honest I don’t really feel, or at least I haven’t felt very creative on social in the last couple years now.

I’m gonna go and be just in the real world for a while and off my phone. I’ll probably come back at some point. But if I do I want to have a direction or a clear point of view of why I’m on here and what I’m putting out there[.] . . . Love ya! See ya after a while!”

The actor (39) had just been to see a performance of Magic Mike Live London, so maybe he was thinking about his film career. It’s been a minute since Channing has had a major box office smash, and we’d love to see him come up with another idea that used his singing and dancing skills.

Jessie J Jumps on the Bandwagon

This week, Jessie J decided to follow her boyfriend’s example and kick Instagram to the curb. She wrote, “Done it before. Doing it again. Having a break from the gram. To get out my phone and into REAL LIFE. I spend way too much time scrolling through some BS.”

Same, girl. Same.

The “Domino” singer went on to explain in a longer note that she was doing really great but needed to focus on writing her next album. Jessie said that when someone does a social media detox, other people often presume that it’s because they going through some real-life drama.

For Jessie, it’s the exact opposite. She’s “in such a good place” that she wants to “respect and nurture” it by “looking up and not looking down.” That’s actually some pretty good advice!

Delete and Repeat

It sounds like Channing Tatum and Jessie J both intend to return to Instagram after taking some time off. With a combined 25 million followers, their careers pretty much require using that platform to connect with fans and announce new projects.

Would you consider quitting Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? And if you decided to take a break, would you announce it on social media first or just ghost your friends and followers?