Christina Hendricks Hidden Role in ‘American Beauty’ Movie


You’ve seen her, but didn’t recognize Christina Hendricks’ iconic role in the 1999 cult classic and worldwide phenomenon, American Beauty.

Hendricks is best known for her role in Mad Men, but before then, there was one role that just about everyone has seen and didn’t realize that it was her at all.  Prepare to be flabbergasted.

Here’s a hint:  she probably had to stock up on a lot of dry skin moisturizer for this leading role!


Christina Reveals Her Hidden Role on Instagram

On Thursday, Christina Hendricks made a post on Instagram that left even other celebrities completely surprised!  They truly had no idea that it was Christina in an American Beauty image that is extremely well-known even to this very day.

The interesting thing is the fact that the movie was released back in 1999, as mentioned before.  This was well before Christina Hendricks became a household name from her stunning performance as Joan Harris in Mad Men.

The Big Reveal

When most people think of the American Beauty film, they might think of Mena Suvari, who played the role of Angela Hayes – laying in a bathtub surrounded by roses.

What also comes to mind is the image on the front of the DVD that was released, of a bare stomach with a hand holding the rose.  This one:


If you’ve seen this image, you’ve seen Christina Hendricks.  That is none other than her hand, but it isn’t her stomach.  On Instagram where she made the big reveal, she stated in the caption:

“Fun fact…  wait for it… I used to be a model and sometimes a hand model… this is my hand and another model’s stomach… proud to be a part of this film in ANY WAY!!!”

This news even surprised her old past co-stars, including January Jones, who played the part of Betty Draper on Mad Men.  She replied on Instagram, saying, “This is important.  How come I didn’t know this?”

Other celeb reactions included Busy Philipps, “Wait… What!?” and Elle Fanning, “I’M SHOOK!!!!!”  Even Whitney Cummings piped in, saying, “This is blowing  my mind.”

Thank goodness we eventually got to see the rest of Christina Hendricks in later roles.