Miley Drops New Single About Ex, Tells Him to ‘Slide Away’


Miley Cyrus is not playing when it comes to this split with husband of seven months, Liam Hemsworth. Just hours after her rep announced the two had separated, the Wrecking Ball singer was spotted kissing Brody Jenner’s ex-wife Kaitlynn Carter.

Now, she’s released a new single titled “Slide Away”. And while she hasn’t admitted it’s about her failed marriage, it seems to send a clear message to her ex: she isn’t the same as she once was, and there is no more you and me.

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The Song

The lyrics are interesting because they seem to feed into the drama and rumors floating around about the couple.

The pre-chorus of the song includes the lines “I want my house in the hills/Don’t want the whiskey and pills”. The couple’s split turned ugly this week when rumors flew that Miley was leaving Liam because he was drinking and taking pills, choosing to self-medicate instead of seeking any depression treatment or trying new depression meds.

The video released on her official YouTube channel, and also seen below, has a picture of several bottles of booze floating in a pool alongside brightly colored pills, further supporting this.

This is such a juxtaposition of his ‘good guy’, ‘boy next door’ image that he and his brother often project to the media.

She also sings “Move on, we’re not 17, I’m not who I used to be”, which suggests that Liam felt Miley was changing in ways that he did not like. The couple has been on and off since they first met in 2009 when Miley herself was just 17.

How Long Have They Been Apart, Again?

The song makes you wonder just how long the couple has been separated before they announced it, and when Miley wrote and recorded the song. She has recently spent a lot of time with Kaitlynn Carter on vacation, so it’s clear that was probably before the split was officially announced.

Rumors have been circulating that they have been separated for “months”, though sources close to Miley say that simply isn’t true. Liam was spotted in June carrying groceries from Whole Foods without his wedding ring on, which supports this claim.

Liam is still in Australia and is reportedly staying at his brother’s beach house while he deals with the public fallout of their separation. Miley herself just returned from her “Hot Girl Summer” vacation with new beau Carter.

There is no word on if or when Miley plans to release a new CD.

Hear the Single: