Miley Cyrus is still thoroughly enjoying the company of Kaitlynn Carter, whom she was photographed kissing in Italy last Friday.

The day after photographs of the pair surfaced, Miley and her husband Liam Hemsworth announced their separation, after just shy of eight months of marriage. Kaitlynn and ex Brody Jenner had also announced their split this month, after a year of marriage.

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Miley and Kaitlynn Seen in Los Angeles Together

Miley, 26, returned to Los Angeles with Kaitlynn, 30, on Wednesday after their steamy Italian romp, where they were spotted sharing a kiss while lounging in bikinis together at the Il Sereno hotel in Capri.

Miley and Kaitlynn were photographed traveling through Los Angeles in a Tesla, with Miley behind the wheel and Kaitlynn lounging comfortably in the passenger seat.

Brody Jenner Jokes About Miley and His Ex

After Miley and Liam announced the split, a little exchange occurred over the weekend between Brody, Miley, and one of Brody’s The Hills: New Beginnings castmates, Brandon Lee. Brandon made a cheeky comment on one of Brody’s photos, saying, “Let’s round out this scandal and post a pic of us making out.”

Brody joined in on the joke, replying that photos of him and Liam holding hands on the beach together were “coming soon.” But Miley made sure to weigh in, telling the boys to take a nap and “cool off.”

Liam Announces Separation, Wishes Miley Happiness

When Daily Mail Australia tried to get a statement from Liam on the separation, he told them that he didn’t want to talk about it. But hours later, he wrote on his Instagram that although he and Miley have recently separated, he wishes her “nothing but health and happiness going forward.”

Despite his well-wishing Instagram post, things between the ex-couple have started to turn bitter.

Miley and Liam Arguing Over Cause of Split, Blaming Each Other

Sources close to Miley are hinting that Liam might be looking for inpatient rehab centers soon, saying that he was drinking a lot and “using certain drugs,” which contributed to the split. Supposedly, Miley “valiantly” tried to save the marriage, but couldn’t accept Liam’s excessive use of drugs and alcohol. Her past struggles with substance abuse meant that it was hard for her to move past, and ultimately a deal-breaker.

However, according to sources on Liam’s side, none of that is true. They say that the real issue was infidelity on Miley’s part. An insider claims that Miley’s substance abuse claims are just “another attempt by Miley to distract from her infidelity and recent outrageous public behavior.”

Both Miley and Liam’s sides are also disputing whether or not the pair were separated for months before Miley began a fling with Kaitlynn.